Do Ghillie Suits Actually WORK? – Airsoft (Leaf Suit / Krytac Vector)

[Applause]if you’ve ever worn a ghillie suitbefore it’s usually thick it’s reallyhot it’s not comfortable whatsoever yourbulky you just feel like you’re likesnagging against everything it’s not aperfectly exciting experience … Read More

Airsoft Ghillie Sniper Reported For HEADSHOTS

you join me back in the forests ofBelgium and I’ve returned to theabandoned castle known as the chambersthis gameplay I’m gonna be using mysilver back SRS sniper rifle and I’mwearing … Read More

Airsoft Cheater Gets ANGRY 🤬(Instant Karma)

he’s like crying able to shot them sevenis that my autumn swag oh hi guyswelcome back to the second part of amission that is taking place in Franceat an abandoned … Read More