welcome to another scdtv review division
production and today we’re gonna talk
about support again yes as you know
supporting ourselves has many different
phases so it can be a short a.k with the
drum magazine or mp5k with a drum
magazine yeah
even a simmer stock with a stock hike up
it also can be a great support weapon
yes then you have plenty of enemies also
called m249 yes plenty of those to
choose from
however if you tell things you know
beyond that you have arms and steel bags
of steel I mean but the back of no bags
these two are you just simply pure
masochistic and you’re not small you
know there’s something else
action actually okay
the m240 Bravo is a standard US Army
medium machine gun it originates from
the famous Belgian FN mag medium machine
gun used all around the world well the
Americans replaced any famous m60 with
it and they fit it where they it shield
polymer buttstock and more modern
attachments as a top rail and side rails
here the replica we have here comes from
China the Chinese call it and for the
rust version but it’s just impulsive
Brad oh okay how it’s built the original
is of course made of steel and weights
about 12 kilograms empty the replica is
from aluminium and plastic and way it’s
only about $10
of course unloaded of course unloaded
because it holds about 5000 litres light
it’s very very well but it’s very solid
just not afraid that it’s gonna write
this carrying handle is pretty strong
you’re not afraid to hold the replica
right check this out and it’s very very
good for working out we have a very
barrel steel bipod which isn’t quite so
it fits you just like an original very
quickly on the side of a handguard we
have rails the continued style so we can
fill it with additional goodies we have
genuine picture
eliminator not so genuine viral for
brain which is held horizontally just
like real soldiers in here we also have
not the real alchemy
telescopic sight but it looks very very
true in this way the bb’s are held in
this cordula bag insert just like a real
deal of course in reward it’s not used
the soldiers use loose belts here we can
stick some fake rounds in here to this
feed tray and it looks really really
unfortunately we use all our rounds the
battery is held in bad stock the
buttstock is removable in the same way
as in real machine gun so we have to
press this button and the replica is
fitted with a large type plug as we
already told we had a large battery that
comes with the replica and good for
oh wait just get yourself a good night
to that now if for some reason you won’t
be able to put battery through this
oh-ho you can always really use a
screwdriver unscrew the unscrew the back
screws get to cover off and get to very
very large battery in here the box is
powered by the same battery that
replicas by this little quality because
fully automatic box you’re going to
press any button to run it up it’s not
activated just turns and gets the baby
to the top of chamber only by pressing
trigger rather now we’re gonna wait
it gave us about 88 beats per second in
this stock replica which is good for a
support weapon of course so if you want
to fully appreciate the power of this
weapon I guess you should upgrade it a
bit and sign up for a change yeah
we are about 35 to 40 meters from a
and we’ll see
shooting this thing is a real pleasure
once you pull the trigger and just don’t
want to stop you just don’t want to
release it you want to you know fire all
5,000 babies that are stored in there
and then fired five thousand more so the
grouping for a support rifle
swarm of bees coming at you and 400
scary just sum it up it’s not just a
support weapon
it’s a m240 Bravo rep it’s a lifestyle
so if you want just a support weapon
some games get yourself a mini but by a
drum magazine this is for someone who
wants to have a general-purpose machine
gun replica when you have it you can at
any airsoft meeting you ever encounter
with it whether it to be a sunny
skirmish or bit rally who doesn’t matter
you’re just having this you can look at
anybody with consent because you have

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