Airsoft War – Operation Door (ww2 Airsoft)

Airsoft War – Operation Door (ww2 Airsoft)

Operation Hydra was a Royal Air Force attack on the Peenemünde Army Research Center on the night of 17/18 August​,​ 1943 to stop Nazi Germany’s V-weapon program. But not all laboratories were destroyed.

That’s the history. And now to Airsoft: Allies ​will ​proceed to ​the ​operation D​oor to eliminate all ​remaining ​missile sites and documents. But this time ​the ​Germans were better prepared… We were engaged ​at​ the operation ​d​oor nearby ​the ​village Peenemünde.

The w​hole operation was ​about the​ launching​ of the​ V1 and V2 miss​il​​​​​es.​​ All these ​were long range missiles​ and they threatened Great Britain mainly. During this operation​, we​ destroy​ed​ all ​the ​missiles​ sites​ O​nly ​one rocket was launched to London.

We didn’t know what happened. We found the maps, but we weren’t able to loca​te​ some of the sites. It was tough. This is a classical map of fighting. You know this kind of diagram. These are the Germans, not these.

. These are the Americans. These are the Germans. It was ​hard​, because it was before our troops land​ed​. We could not ​rely on​ ​additional ​supplies, tanks or heavy machinery. We had considerable problems captur​ing the​ German positions.

We had to be still moving. Otherwise we would have a problem. When we tried to capture ​the ​missile site​,​ I met with my biggest problem. M​y mom called me during the heaviest fighting​!​ She asked me if I ​had eaten​ the toast which she prepared ​for ​me that morning.

I was quite confused, because bullets ​were flying​ everywhere​.​ I​t was heavy​ fire​ and ​the ​sergeant ​yelled “Move!” and I had to deal with the phone call. The enemy heard the mobile​ phone ring​.

Our position was ​exposed​ and ​fight​ started. I told my mother not to worry​.​ I would eat t​he toast ​after a while. And we kept on fighting. Fire! Fire! He spotted a fire in the forest probably.

They couldn’t seize that hill. They initiated​ several attacks, but they were beat back. So headquarter decided to call me. I was shot three times. It hurt ​like​ shit, but I didn’t call the hits.

It was terrible. The r​e​spawn was so overcrowded, there wasn’t any ​space​. People had to re​spawn​ in the bushes, along the road, ​in ​public. It was disgusting. They were kept fighting, but they were attacked from another side.

​The ​situation on battlefield is that, ​the ​German forces lost their HQ​. T​he ​enemy was able to interrupt ​our missiles​ launches for​ V1 and V2. We succeed in launching one missile to London.

The ​German forces retreated and regroup​ed​ nearby around the bridge to face other attacks. Bullshit! It was​ a​ trap. They didn’t retreat to the bridge, they​ planned​ a counterattack.

Fortunately, we found a lot of grenades in the German tranches, so we used them. We ​are hoping for​ the final victory. Here we go with the diagram again. It was ​a ​massacre at the bridge. Even I had to call the hits.

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