Airsoft vs Nerf 5 – Paintball Finale

Airsoft vs Nerf 5 – Paintball Finale

Not bad. Hm. I told you. Can we play there? Sure, it’s abandoned place. I’m not sure. Let’s check it out. Check this out! Out! Hey guys! What’s going on? We are not alone here. What’s going on? What are you doing here? Nothing.

Seriously sir, nothing bad. I see. Bye. We have to go. Good bye! Bye! You’re not going anywhere. I said, you are not leaving! Look at the mess you’ve made. You’re gonna clean this up, first! Go on! Daddy, I need help.

What? We are captured. Where? You know. In that building. Why? I will tell you later. I’m there in a second. Hey kids! What are you doing here? Let’s go home. What do you think you’re doing? This is private property.

Leave the kids alone. Perhaps, you didn’t understand me. This is the private property. My property. We are leaving. Go. They are not finished yet. You are a psychopath. I will call the cops. Take their cellphones.

OK, see you next time. Yes? Is it you? What sort of number is it? Secondary cellphone? Where are you? I’m coming. Don’t go anywhere. Call Mitch and tell him I need help here. He won’t move his finger for you.

No, if you ask him. So, you call him. I can’t. He is mad at me. Tell him the paintballers caught us. I will try. How much is the game? What? Sorry, we are closed. You? Hi! Hi! What’s up? I need help. Ok, take a seat.

My husband was kidnapped. Finally. Along with the kids. Those little Nerfs? Why are you asking me? Call the cops. It’s complicated. They played in a private area. They made troubles again. They deserved it.

They are guarded. And you could save them. No. It’s their problem. Let them save themselves. Ok, I understand. So, you’re not gonna help me. Sorry. After all they have done to me? So, I will have to take care of those paintballers myself.

What did you say? Well, paintballers. Tell me more. Ok guys. Time for lunch. I don’t want any. Ok. Well then finish painting the obstacles. Why? We could go for lunch. I don’t want anything from him. Plus it’s your fault we’re here.

Hey guys! Cut it out! It looks like a training camp. 4 paintball and 3 airsoft guns. Where is Father? I don’t see him. He is probably locked in the building. You distract them! How? Come up with something.

Keep them busy. Go! What is he doing? And what about the mushrooms? Are they growing already? No mushrooms here. Oh, really? But they should be growing? And you should turn back and return home. Yes, but I am little bit lost.

I came here to collect the mushrooms but I don’t know where I am. What is this place? Listen old man. You would better get lost. You have no business here. Ok, ok I am leaving. Hey stop! What is this? It’s for my self defense only.

You know, some mushrooms are very agressive. They attacked me last time. What? Yes, I was ambushed. I think it was in… that wood. Oh sorry! Or maybe there? You old prick. Get lost! But I still haven’t found any mushrooms.

Knife kill. Four players coming your way. What are we doing? Standby. They stopped. They don’t know where we are. They are moving. they are aware of you. I can see shit. What are we doing? I got them.

Waiting for orders. Go laud! Roger that. I was looking forward to this whole time. Don’t do that. What? Shooting with paintballers? Exactly. Thank you. Now what? Kids. Let’s go! Guys, you can go when you finish cleaning.

Hey boss! Bad news. We are under attack. What’s wrong with you? They got me. It hurts like hell. Airsoft stings, paintball hurts. I changed my mind. You stay here! Guard them! Now, feel the power of the Nerf! Loading! I’m out! Reloading.

You made a big mistake. Now you know what’s hell about. Retreat! Retreat! Covering fire! Run! Run! Where is your gun? I don’t give a shit. To the car! Now. Go go go! Ok, we are not finished yet. I’m warning you.

Don’t try to wander around after school again. And you are gonna clean this car inside out. Did you find any mushrooms over there?

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